Damaged car and did not stay at scene

Craigavon Courthouse.
Craigavon Courthouse.

When he returned to his car a motorist found a note which gave him the details of the car which had damaged his vehicle and left the scene.

Nigel George Cairns (50), Upper Toberhewny Lane, Lurgan, was fined £150 last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for driving without due care and attention on August 26 last year. He was also given four points.

Fines of £75 were imposed on charges of failing to stop, failing to remain at the scene and failing to report an accident.

The injured party reported to police that damage had been caused to his rear driver’s side wheel arch.

He had parked the car about 8.20pm at the entrance to Lurgan Park on the Avenue Road and returned an hour later.

There was a note left on the driver’s door. This was from an independent witness and contained the make and registration number of the vehicle which had caused the damage.

The defendant was the registered owner and when interviewed by police said he walked in the park and could have parked his vehicle there but had no recollection of damaging another vehicle.

There was damage on his car where the witness said along with other dents and scratches.

A solicitor representing the defendant said Cairns had been interviewed by police about eight weeks after the incident and could not remember that specific day.

There were already six points on his licence for a no insurance offence in 2011 and he relied on his licence for his job.

The solicitor added that Cairns had been driving for 32 years and had never been involved before in an accident. He was fully insured.