Danger warning after child finds drugs on street

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  • Warning of tragic consequences after child finds drugs
  • Drug use ‘not just personal’ say police
  • Warning comes after new legislation on ‘legal highs’

Concerns have been expressed after a child picked up what appears to have been a packet of drugs.

The find was made in the Sloan Street/Hill Street area of Lurgan.

Police have warned the find could have had tragic consequences if the child had swallowed the drugs.

Local MLA Carla Lockhart also hit out after the find, condemning those responsible for discarding the drugs.

In a social media post, local police had their say back to those who criticise the war on drugs as a waste of police time.

Posting a picture of the packet found on Thursday (May 26) they said: “This is the reality of drug use. All too often, some people (although fewer these days thankfully) have a pop at police for ‘wasting time’ with drugs.

“They complain that this stuff isn’t legalised. I wonder if this photo had included the young child that picked it up off the ground in the Sloan St/Hill St area of Lurgan this morning, would they be so quick to criticise? I also wonder if legalising it would make it less harmful to the child if they had swallowed it? Obviously, it wouldn’t.

“On the day that new legislation comes into force around legal highs the message is even more clear - drug use is not ‘just a personal thing’. It is not something that effects only those that take it.

“It is not something we will tolerate. Just this week, nine people were hospitalised in one town alone in England having taken these ‘legal highs’. One in a coma, one with cardiac arrest. That isn’t ‘Just a personal thing’. The heartbreak of families, the extra needless stress on the NHS, all because of drugs.

“If you have any information on anyone dealing in your area, call into the station to speak to us, or call 101. If you’d rather not even give your details, call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. We can’t beat this scourge without you.

“Don’t be swayed by the ‘it’s just personal, it’s fine’ argument. That’s a lie. This stuff here may have been personal use, but it also could have killed a child.

“Stay safe out there, and give us a call if you can help.”