Dangers of mixing slurry

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Farmers must understand the real danger of mixing slurry now the winter ban has been lifted, Ulster Unionist ABC Councillor Marc Woods has said.

“Farmers and their animals are at risk if corners are cut in preparation for the new slurry season. If proper precautions aren’t obeyed just one breath of the highly dangerous gas can kill,” he said.

“All farmers should follow the guidelines and make sure their sheds are well ventilated, that animals are away from the area and that they should stay out of the building for at least 30 minutes when mixing is taking place. If re-entering before 30 minutes has elapsed please make another adult is aware of this. A gas monitor and face masks are a good precaution but good ventilation is vital.

“Living on a busy farm myself I understand how these precautions can be easily forgotten, but it is vitally important that the Slurry Mixing Code is taken on board.”