Date for new bin routes revealed

HOUSEHOLDERS are being advised by Craigavon council that new bin collection routes will come into effect on Monday, March 11.

Information leaflets are being sent to each household throughout the borough detailing what days bins will be collected. Inside the leaflet will be a calendar for the year including holiday arrangements – so it is important to keep this letter safe.

Chairperson of council’s environmental services committee, Councillor Gemma McKenna, asked for the co-operation of local householders in introducing the new service. She explained: “The reason for developing new collection routes was to create a more efficient service, reduce the impact on the environment, and help us make savings on delivery, while at the same time maintaining the same level of service for all. Although all households will receive a leaflet, some will find that their collection day does not change. To remove any doubt it is important that you read the information delivered to your home.”

Over the years the borough has grown with new housing developments built and added in to the existing system accordingly. This has created a somewhat ‘patchwork quilt’ effect of 170 bin routes with some inefficiencies. The routes the bin lorries take have been redrawn to be more efficient and will make financial savings as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The new bin routes mean that residents will always have their blue and green bins lifted on the same day but on alternate weeks. All households are asked to make sure their bins are available for collection by 7.30am on their collection day as the new rounds will also mean that the usual collection time is likely to change.

In addition, you can also check your new bin collection day at or email at from Monday 25th February. If you have any queries please contact Waste Management at the Central Service Depot on 028 3833 9031 and they will be happy to help.