Daughters’ heartbreak as they watched dad dying

Flowers at the murder scene in Parkmore. INPT38-212
Flowers at the murder scene in Parkmore. INPT38-212
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“DAD was laying there, blood all over the place ... but I knew he was already gone.”

The words of 19-year-old Kirsty Cahoon who, with her 17-year-old little sister Nicole Neill, watched in vein as the blood poured out of their dad, stabbed to death outside their Parkmore home.

David Neill, aged 46, was a quiet family man who lived for his kids but at 12.20am on Sunday morning he was brutally stabbed and died from his injuries.

Kirsty remembers hearing banging at the front door and a commotion.

She called the police and, hearing screaming, she went outside to see pandemonium and her father, face down, in a pool of blood.

“Dad was lying there blood all over the place. It was awful. There were lots of neighbours trying to help him - the whole square was out,” said Kirsty, explaining that her dad was stabbed in the stomach.

“He was lying face down, there was blood everywhere. The ambulance people tried to revive him but I knew he was already gone,” said Kirsty.

She said there were five people working on him and he was taken away in the ambulance.

“We weren’t allowed to go in the ambulance so I phoned the hospital when he got there to see what we should do and they said for us to get over to the hospital as soon as possible because it wasn’t looking good,” said Kirsty

“It was really scary watching him lying there not moving.

“I had to identify his body. He was just lying there like he was asleep, just the same only a wee bit paler. It really hasn’t hit me yet at all,” she said.

“He was a happy family man and all he did was protect us and he gets killed for it,” said Kirsty.

“He was a taxi driver and all he did was sit here and watch TV and run about after us.”

Speaking of his killers, Kirsty said: “They make me sick. I hope they never get out. I would love to watch them die like I had to watch my dad die.

“My dad would never want to do anyone any harm. He loved everybody.”

Curled up on the couch, little Nicole pulls her dark hair to cover tear-soaked eyes. “I was really proud of my daddy. I was a daddy’s girl. By taking his life they have taken part of mine. We were very close.”

Davy’s fiancee Cathy Cahoon was distraught and still in shock at his death.

“He was brilliant, really laid back and happy-go-lucky. He was just down to earth. He wouldn’t hurt anybody. He was well respected round here.

“We never had any worries when Davy was here,” she said.

On a lampost bouquets of flowers have been tied to it with heartbreaking tributes to Davy Neill.

“Words can’t describe how we feel. You will always be in our hearts,” said one from Tracey and Spud.

Another from Bladsey said: “Good friend, good neighbour, good father.”

And on Kirsty’s Facebook page, she has written: “RIP daddy i love u so much i really cant believe that your gone its such a shock to all of us i just cant get it into my head that il never be able to see or talk to u again. you did not deserve this its just not fair that sum1 culd do this to you u where loved by many and u will always be in my heart il never let you go il never get over this i love you so much u were a brill dad ur up there with granda now in a better place watching down on us. il join you 1 day and we can be together again. Love u.”

Hundreds of friends have posted messages of condolences and support to Kirsty and the entire family.♥