David’s time on uncle’s farm the inspiration behind his eight children’s books

Children's author David Pepper with his collection of Tommy and Mollie books. INLM0812-051
Children's author David Pepper with his collection of Tommy and Mollie books. INLM0812-051

LURGAN man David Pepper is proving to be a very prolific children’s author. Since he first brought his ideas to life in print form, David has published eight books in four years.

Through the ‘Tommy & Mollie’ series of children’s books David (35) tells the story of young Tommy and his loyal dog Mollie.

He told the ‘MAIL’ how this series came about. David said: “I never really had it in my mind to become a children’s writer until about four or five years ago when I started warming to the idea. The idea of doing it jumped into my head at some point around then. Someone I knew at that time really inspired me and believed in my writing so that was really encouraging. The person in question was my partner at the time.

“I really didn’t do much reading as a child. I much preferred to be outside on the farm or playing football, skateboarding, riding my bike or any other outdoor activity.

“I suppose really that Tommy is lightly based on myself growing up. I spent a lot of time on my uncle’s farm. My Tommy & Mollie books reflect that in a lot of ways but take it to a whole new level of what I really wished was possible. I’ve always had dogs around me during my life, mostly big Alsatians.”

David, who lives in Demesne Avenue with his border Collie dog called Mollie, works as a graphic designer four days a week, while doing his writing in the evenings and the three days when he’s off.

He explained: “It takes up a huge amount of time but I just have to be disciplined and stick at it, but then when you enjoy doing something you will do whatever it takes and keep doing it.

“After I wrote my first book, The Adventures of Tommy & Mollie, I tried hard to get a traditional publishing deal. I sent the manuscript out to every children’s book publisher in the UK and Ireland who would accept unsolicited manuscripts. I got offered a deal but I turned it down after having a specialist publishing solicitor go through the whole contract. For a while I didn’t know what to do but ended up self publishing through my own publishing company called DPP Publishing.

“My books are all available worldwide through the Amazon websites as ebooks and printed paperback versions. There are seven books currently available but I’ve just finished my eighth book which I’m on the verge of publishing. It may well be available as an ebook within the next few days, with the print version to follow in the coming weeks.”

To find out more about David and his books visit www.theadventuresoftommyandmollie.com or search for ‘The Adventures of Tommy & Mollie’ on Facebook.