Defendants ‘bitterly regret’ what happened the night of assault claim defence teams

A barrister representing Joseph Carragher said his client was intoxicated at the time of the assault.

Speaking in court last Friday, the barrister added that the victim was ‘in the wrong place and the wrong time’.

The lawyer said the defendant recognised now that alcohol and his personality do not mix and in his pre-sentence report he is assessed as at a high risk of re-offending.

Stephen Carragher’s barrister said he had a clear record and what happened was totally out of character and since the offence he has not come under police notice.

Not only is he extremely remorseful, he added, but he had been no trouble to his family. He had little or no recollection of the events that evening.

Sergeant’s barrister said his parents were ‘shocked and appalled’. The lawyer said that since the incident Sergeant had been living at home and had not taken any alcohol.

Sergeant’s mother got into the witness box and said her son hadpreviously been mugged and assaulted while walking home. He had a gun put in his mouth. After that, she continued, he started drinking every weekend. “It’s my fault for not stopping it sooner,” she said.

The mother said he had not taken any drink and he would not be drinking in the future.