Demense House is targeted by vandals

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Demense House at Kilmore Road in Lurgan was targeted by vandals on Sunday, with over £500 worth of damage caused.

A total of 31 windows were broken at the historic home.

The caretaker at the house explained: “I got a call shortly after 7:30pm yesterday evening to let me know there was some disturbance at the house.

“On arriving a group of youths were running away from it.

“After this I checked inside the house and discovered two young teenagers in the house who were then taken away by police.”

The caretaker paid tribute to police for their response: “I have to commend the police for contacting me and their swift action and professional approach in dealing with it.”

Police have appealed for witnesses to the incident to contact them on the 101 number.

It’s not the first time the house has been targeted this year by those intent on dastardly deeds.

On March 30 an antique fireplace was stolen from the house.

The sandstone arched fireplace was described as ‘very historically and architecturally significant to the property’.