Demesne Avenue resident condemns ‘abhorrent’ murals

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I write concerning the abhorrent murals at Demesne Avenue, Lurgan to say that I have spoken with many of my resident neighbours in the Avenue who are all of one voice in condemning the erection of UDA murals at the entrance to our Avenue.

They (the UDA) have turned an inoffensive red rustic brick wall, compatible with the development, into a display on behalf of an illegal organisation, one which no right-thinking person would condone.

It has given the impression that the UDA rules Demesne Avenue with the result of devaluing and lowering the tone of the whole area, Avenue Road included.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We emphasise that we were not even consulted in the matter.

We are a peace-loving neighbourhood hoping that the relevant authorities will take control of the situation by getting rid of these displays as soon as possible.

The Somme Commemorative mural at the entrance to Lurgan Park isn’t much better in terms of quality and compared to the Dollingstown Memorial is “tacky”.

I and other residents have written to and contacted the local DUP MLA, Ms Carla Lockhart. ..

I have also more recently contacted Mr Doug Beattie MLA and Mrs Naomi Long MLA and both have promised to investigate the matter with the relevant authorities in order to bring about a satisfactory conclusion to the problem.

We want our freedom and religious liberty, as won for us at the Somme all those years ago, back again.