Depression topic of healing ministry

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DEPRESSION will be the topic of a new healing ministry set up at Shankill Parish Church.

The church is running an extension to its Healing Ministry which is firmly rooted in Biblical principles and seeks to promote God’s ministry of healing through prayer.

A spokesperson for Shankill Parish said: “A passionate belief in God’s desire to bring healing in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas of a person’s life has sparked off this new series of 30:2 Healing Services (name reflects the words of Psalm 30 v 2).

“A variety of topics will be reflected upon, with personal testimony of God’s goodness and grace to individuals through difficult times. Accompanying praise and worship will help people focus on God’s love and care for them as individuals. Prayer ministry will be available.”

‘Journeying through Depression’ is the topic for the first evening which will take place in Shankill Parish Church, at 7.30 pm, on Thursday 18 October.

Everyone is welcome.