Deputy mayor faces first time conundrum

Craigavon Deputy Mayor, Sinn Fein's Catherine Seeley.
Craigavon Deputy Mayor, Sinn Fein's Catherine Seeley.
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It remains unclear as to whether Sinn Fein’s deputy mayor will play a role in Remembrance Sunday in Lurgan.

With Catherine Seeley becoming the first Sinn Fein councillor in the history of Craigavon Council to be in such a position, it is the first time the situation has arisen.

Normally the Mayor and Deputy take it year about to attend services in Lurgan and Portadown, but a Sinn Fein boycott of Remembrance Day events has been commonplace.

When asked if Ms Seeley would be attending next Sunday’s wreath-laying ceremony at Lurgan War Memorial a spokesperson for the party said discussions were ongoing.

The party were not in a position to make any further comment on what they described as a “very sensitive issue”.