Did ChildLine change your life?

FROM: Sue Minto, Head of ChildLIne

Were you helped by ChildLine at any time during your childhood? If you are 18 or over and ChildLine made a real difference to your life when you were growing up, then we would really like to hear from you.

ChildLine was founded by our President, Esther Rantzen in 1986 and this October will see the start of our 25th anniversary year. Throughout the 12 months from October we want to make people more aware of ChildLine’s on-going, vital work and through doing so to encourage more children and young people to come forward if they need help.

By sharing your personal story about how ChildLine changed your life we hope that it will encourage other children in need of help or support to contact us. You can always tell your story anonymously if you prefer as we understand that many people will not have told anyone that they called ChildLine or the reason why.

Please contact our local team, by calling 9035 1135 or emailing nicomms@nspcc.org.uk