Did not pay his fare after getting taxi from Belfast to Craigavon

Craigavon Courthouse
Craigavon Courthouse

After he got a taxi from Belfast to Craigavon a 19-year-old man did not pay the fare, the local court heard last Wednesday.

John Ward, whose address was given as Ardowen, Craigavon, was charged with making off without paying for a taxi fare on November 12 last year.

He did not appear in court when the case was called and the matter went ahead in his absence.

A prosecutor said that a taxi driver in Belfast agreed to take the defendant home.

Ward said he had no money on him at the time but had money at the house.

The taxi driver agreed that he could pay the money back at a later date but Ward did not pay him back.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, convicted the defendant and issued a warrant to have him brought to the court for sentencing.