Did someone from Lurgan win £14m in the Lotto?

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Camelot have been unable to confirm or deny that someone in Lurgan won more than £14m in the Lotto this week.

Rumours have been rife since Wednesday’s multi-million pound draw that someone in the Lurgan area scooped the jackpot.

However when the MAIL contacted Camelot they said they were unable to confirm or deny if anyone in the Lurgan area had won the prize.

The spokesperson explained that when one of their staff confirm the lottery ticket numbers the ticket owner has the chance to either take publicity or remain anonymous.

He said that if the person choses publicity the Camelot press office is given all their details.

However if the person chooses anonymity, no details of the winning ticket holder are furnished to the press office.

“It may be a possibility or it may be completely spurious,” said the spokesperson, adding that he had no details to verify it.