Disorderly behaviour


A Bleary man was jailed for a total of five months last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Christian Barclay (21), Markville, was convicted in his absence the previous week at court of disorderly behaviour on April 13.

For this he was jailed for three months.

A concurrent three month term was imposed for breach of a combination order which he received for a disorderly behaviour offence.

A two month suspended sentence was also put into operation, to run consecutively, making a total of five months in custody.

The disorderly behaviour offence on April 13 this year resulted from Barclay shouting at members of the public.

He said ‘come on I’ll take yous all on’ to foreign nationals and told police to ‘f—k off’.

He had been given a combination order but only did 23 hours of community service.

A solicitor for Barclay said he was a young man who had an alcohol problem.