District Judge points to what he called a ‘cavalier attitude’

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A Lurgan man who thought he would just pay a fine of £10 rather than produce his driving documents ended up with having to pay £135 instead.

Jonathan French (21), Castle Lane Mews, Lurgan, was fined £60 last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for failing to produce his insurance to police.

He was also fined £60 for failing to produce his licence.

The court heard that on March 22 French was stopped while driving and asked to produce his driving documents to police within seven days.

He said he had been convicted before and would probably not produce his documents but pay a fine about £10 rather than go to 
Lurgan police station.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said French had a 
somewhat ‘cavalier attitude’ given his statements but a lot of work had to be done and summonses issued.

He had been dealt with in 2010 with a fine of £10.

A solicitor for French said he did not possess the highest degree of intellect but he was in no illusion now that if he is stopped by police he must 
produce his driving documents.