Do you know any of these people?

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A wallet of old photographs have turned up in Lurgan and the finder is curious to know who the people pictured are.

They were discovered in a street some years ago and the finder recently recovered them again.

The photos are taken mostly in Lurgan Park and Brownlow House.

They were in a brown Kodak Film Wallet with the name Fred A Ferguson M.P.S.I. Dispensing and Photographic Chemist, Windsor Pharmacy, High Street, Lurgan.

Uniquely the telephone number of the wallet is 99, so clearly the photographs date back to a time when there were not so many telephones in the area.

Some of the pictures are of Lurgan Park and depict Brownlow House at a time when there were cannons in the grounds.

One picture shows two young boys in short trousers and a little girl. The streets are cobbled though it is unclear if the photo was taken in Lurgan.

Other photographs show two young boys playing with what appears to be marbles but it is unclear where the photo was taken.

Another photograph depicts a group of young people in whites with tents in the background.

Also pictures of a group of young people sitting on a wall at the coast.

Plus there is a photograph of a little girl, probably aged around two years old and wearing a white dress.

One photograph shows a man ploughing a field with an old plough driven by two horses. Again it is not clear where exactly the photo was taken.

If you know anyone in these photos or if you know where any of the photos were taken or have any information please contact or telephone 028 3832 7777.