Document on Waves’ ‘camera’ is top secret

The 'camera' device found at Waves swimming pool lurgan.
The 'camera' device found at Waves swimming pool lurgan.
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Councillors have voiced frustration after officers of Craigavon Borough Council refused to release a report on the controversial discovery of a fake camera at Waves Leisure Centre.

The report, which is believed to have cost the council up to £8.5k, is still top secret and calls for the documents to be released to councillors have so far been refused.

A union official, who was involved in calling the PSNI regarding the alleged camera, has been suspended by his Craigavon Council employers on full pay. The device had been found in staff changing rooms last year.

A spokesperson for Craigavon Borough Council said: “As this is a confidential staffing matter, it is not appropriate for Council to comment.”

The ‘MAIL’ understands some councillors are frustrated that Council officers have refused to release the document.

The matter was initially raised at Craigavon Council’s monthly meeting last Monday when there was a query regarding a £3,500 payment to On Board Training and Consultancy Ltd. It transpired it was for additional work on the Waves Camera investigation which, it is claimed, now totals in the region of £8-8.5k.

While further discussions on the camera were in a private committee of the council, the Mail understands that councillors were refused permission to obtain a copy of the report.

It follows a scandal in January 2013 when a device resembling a camera was found in a staff changing room at Waves Leisure Centre.

The ‘camera’ was discovered on top of a locker in an area used by workers to change clothes and shower.

A staff member found the object and raised the matter with his union representative at GMB after claiming he was unable to contact Waves management.

A GMB convenor and the employee took photos of the device in the changing rooms.

There is no suggestion cameras were found in other public areas of Waves Leisure complex.

Soon after the incident was made public in February 2013, GMB representative, John Dawson said that, following the discovery of the camera and a union representative contacting the PSNI, Craigavon Borough Council had ‘questions to answer’ regarding the investigation.