Dog trapped at restaurant gets tikka to tide him over

Firefighters help to remove the dog from the railings at Indian Fusion.
Firefighters help to remove the dog from the railings at Indian Fusion.

There was drama at a Lurgan restaurant on Sunday morning after ‘a patron’ refused to leave the premises.

The owner of Indian Fusion in Church Place was in the backyard on Sunday morning when he discovered a greyhound loitering by a set of railings.

Kamran Islam told the ‘MAIL’: “It had been a very, very busy night on Saturday. We were out the back on Sunday morning hanging out towels to dry when I spotted the dog at the railing.

“I saw that he’d got stuck. I didn’t want to try and move him in case it hurt him or caused him distress.

“I’m a dog lover as is my daughter so we wanted to make sure the dog suffered as little as possible.

“I gave him some fresh chicken tikka and some water. Saturday night had been such a busy night so we’d no idea how long he’d been there for.

“I contacted the emergency services about 10 or 15 minutes after I found him. It must have been about 10.45am on Sunday morning.

“They were out about an hour later and got the dog cut out. I put up a picture on our Facebook page of the dog to see if we could find the owner.

“A few people thought it might have been theirs, but it wasn’t. A couple came down from Belfast and took him to a rescue centre. I didn’t have the room here to look after him.”

Indian Fusion has been in the town for the past year, though it had to close due to a fire and only recently re-opened on September 4.