Dollingstown band parade praised by PUP

LURGAN PUP have congratulated Dollingstown Star of the North on what they called a very well organised parade held in Lurgan on Friday night.

PUP spokesperson Lexi Davidson commented: “The parade was of the highest standard and it was great once again to see so many families out enjoying what is a very proud part of their Loyalist culture.

“So often there is only negativity shown towards our marching band culture and organisers of such parades are continually lambasted but in reality this parade brought people into Lurgan, these people spent their money in the local shops and takeaways giving these businesses a much needed boost.

“There are those who will still only look for negatives but we, the Progressive Unionist Party understand how much commitment and dedication is shown by members of marching bands, we applauded them for their hard work and we will continue to support their right to express their loyalist culture.

“Praise must also go to the PSNI who used sensible policing at this parade.”