‘Don’t allow strangers into your home’

RESIDENTS in the Borough have been reminded hat they should never admit any person to their home without being sure of thier identity and comfortable with their presence.

The call by the PSNI’s Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team comes following an incident in the Garrymore area on November 13.

At around 10pm a teenage girl, aged between 16 and 18 years old, called to the door of a house and asked the occupant to phone her a taxi as she was cold and had no credit on her phone.

The occupant closed the front door while she made the call and when she returned the girl had left.

Police are working to establish the exact circumstances and are appealing to the girl or anyone who has information in relation to this to contact them on 0845 600 8000.

Constable Tate said: “Nothing untoward happened on this occasion, and the housholder did the correct thing by not allowing access to her home.

“If a caller is genuine they should have no problem with having their identity verified.

“If someone calls to your home and you are not comfortable or feel intimidated or pressurised in any way, you should contact police immediately.

“Householders can also make use of the Quick Check Scheme.

“This is a number you can phone to verify the identity of callers to your home.

“If any caller claims to be from an organisation such as a utility company you can phone Quick Check and find out if the company is operating in your area on that day.”

The number to phone is 0800 013 2290.