Don’t become a victim of burglary

CRAIGAVON Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PSCP), have teamed up with local Police to implement an awareness raising campaign in the hope of further decreasing the number of burglaries in the borough.

With the arrival of the warm weather many homeowners have a tendancy to leave their windows and back doors open.In doing so, many do not realise that they are often leaving their homes open to burglars and opportunists.

The campaign stresses the importance of ensuring that all windows, no matter how small are locked when homes are not occupied, and that doors are locked even when at home.

These security tips can be found on the latest crime prevention leaflet which is available from the PSCP office and from your local neighbourhood policing team. The display will also be displayed at bus stops, on posters and even on stickers which can be placed on doors as a reminder to lock them.

Concillor Alan Carson, Chair of Craigavon PCSP says that he is “pleased to hear that burglary remains a constant focus for the PSNI and that crime overall was down in the Borough by almost 8%”

He hopes this figure continues to decrease amd believes that by following the home security checklist provided in the Open 24/7 leaflet “residents will help to keep their homes safe and secure”.

Area Commander for Craigavon Chief Inspector Anthony McNally said “Burglary is an emotive crime that strikes at the heart of the community and we want to prevent as many people as possible becoming victims of this type of crime”

“The leaflet contains straight foraward advice on steps to take to protect your home and valuables. Burglary is largely opportunistic and we simply want to remind people not to make a gift of their home.”

The campaign places strong emphasis on the notion that prevention is always better than cure.

Leaflets and door stickers are available from Lynne Cooke who can be contacted at