‘Double standards’ slammed by UUP man

ULSTER Unionist Councillor Colin McCusker has slammed what he calls the ‘double standards’ and ‘crass hypocrisy’ of Sinn Fein in Upper Bann.

Speaking after the bomb explosion in Lurgan on Easter Saturday and the subsequent Easter Rising demonstrations, Councillor McCusker said: “I was appalled when I was informed of the bomb explosion in Lurgan on Saturday. This bomb attack was a deliberate attempt by mindless morons to murder innocent men, women and children.

“The fingers of blame were very quickly pointed at the so-called ‘dissident republicans’, a label conveniently used by Sinn Fein to distance themselves from this type of activity. Planting bombs in litter bins was something the Provisional IRA engaged in during their murderous campaign against all the people of Northern Ireland not that long ago.”

He continued: “I very much welcomed the condemnation from Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd, when he described the bomb attack as ‘callous and stupid’, but equally, I was absolutely disgusted and flabbergasted to hear that Jennifer McCann MLA called for the immediate release of Martin Corey and Marian Price at an event in Lurgan on Easter Sunday. An event supported by Upper Bann Sinn Fein.

“I, along with thousands of ordinary Northern Ireland people, will wonder how Sinn Fein can condemn republican terrorists one day, and then call for their release from prison the next. This ability by Sinn Fein to condemn republican terrorists one minute and then offer them support the next, amounts to nothing more than crass hypocrisy. It also ensures that the vast majority of people have the perception that these republican terrorists labelled as ‘dissidents’ by Sinn Fein, are really just another wing of the republican movement, with tacit support from the Sinn Fein leadership.

“Republicans keep demanding more from unionists, but meanwhile they continue their onslaught through republican terrorism. These double standards from Sinn Fein must stop, and everyone must accept that Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom. The recent census cemented Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom and this is unlikely to change for a very long time; Sinn Fein need to waken up to this fact.”