DRD Minister is challenged over Millennium Way project

Alderman Stephen Moutray MLA is challenging the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy to act now in relation to the completion of the long awaited Millennium Way Road Phase 2.

Mr Moutray MLA said, “Once again we have heard a fudge story from Minister Kennedy and his officials concerning the completion of this long-awaited and long promised road. It would appear that there is now a date of 2015 being bandied about by the Minister and officials and still no commitment of funding towards it. This is I believe a poor and unacceptable reflection on Minister Kennedy’s position given that he has been in post for over two years and the money that his department has because of the A5 project having to be shelved. The cost of completion of this scheme would total to around £7 million which is a relatively small amount within his overall budget.”

“There has been cross party support for this project and the businesses and commuters are also supportive of such a scheme being completed out on. Additionally it will greatly enhance the access to Lurgan Junior High School.”