Drink driver found lying clothed in bed

When police received a report of a suspected drunken driver they went to the address of the owner of the car involved and found her lying full clothed in bed.

Angela Campbell (51), Darling Avenue, Lurgan, admitted two motoring offences last Friday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

For excess alcohol in her breath on May 22 this year she was fined £350, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and banned for 12 months.

She was also fined £75 for driving without due care and attention.

The court heard that at 7pm a member of the public informed police about the defendant getting into a car in High Street in Lurgan.

The witness believed she was drunk and as she drove off she mounted a kerb and was swerving in the road.

Police went to the home of the last registered owner of the car who was Campbell and after her father let them in they found her fully clothed in bed.

She was arrested and in custody an evidential breath test gave a reading of 121.

Campbell admitted driving in Lurgan but denied being under the influence of alcohol and that there was anything wrong with her driving.

She said she had drunk a bottle of wine when she returned home.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing the defendant, said his client had no record.

He added that she had gone to a local store to get more drink and did drink a bottle of wine when she got home which increased the reading.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, said it was an exceptionally high reading and one of the highest she had ever come across in breath.

She added that she would not certify the defendant suitable for the drink driving course because of the high reading.