Drink driver nearly five times legal limit


A motorist stopped by police was almost five times over the drink drive limit.

The driver was one of five arrested over the space of 48 hours in the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon area for either drink driving, drunk in charge, or driving whilst unfit (drugs).

Another was nearly three times over the limit.

Writing on their Facebook page, police described the actions as “stupid, reckless and selfish”.

They said, “Some of these arrests were just straight up good policing; right place, right time, dodgy driving checked out and solid arrests.

“Some though were due entirely to good, decent, concerned members of the public who phoned us to let us know. Those phone calls could have saved lives. The people who phoned us could have stopped those drivers ploughing into your family, your friends, your neighbours. Even you.”

They added that those convicted will lose their licence, face a massive insurance hike and could be putting their job at risk if they need to drive for work.