Drink-driving warnings heeded

Motorists in Lurgan appeared to have heeded the pre-Christmas warnings about drinking and driving as 1977 began.

Over the holiday period and into the New Year only one driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol was arrested by police.

There were no serious accidents, only a few minor knocks caused by the icy road conditions.

The trend was similar in Craigavon with police reporting only one arrest for drunken driving. That was during the Christmas week.

New Year’s Eve, usually a high risk period, was completely free of incident.

A police spokesman said Lurgan and Craigavon had a ‘remarkably free run’ over the holiday period.

He believed drivers had taken heed of warnings of increased police surveillance and the television ‘Don’t Take Your Car For a Drink’ campaign.

Police patrols paid particular attention to bars and dance halls in the area.