Driver is given short ban instead of points


Instead of receiving penalty points a Gilford man was banned from driving for a short period last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Patrick Mackin (22), Kernan Road, Gilford, admitted driving without insurance on April 14 this year.

The court heard that at 12.30pm the defendant was stopped while driving in Wellington Street, Lurgan.

A police check revealed he was not insured to drive the vehicle. He said it belonged to his father.

A solicitor representing Mackin said his client’s car had broken down and it was suggested he used his father’s work van.

He explained that there was an oversight and the third named driver on the insurance was the defendant’s brother who did not drive whatsoever.

There were already three points on his licence and he had been caught for speeding which was likely to attract a further three points, added the solicitor.

He said Mackin was wholly relying on his licence to get to his work as he lived in a rural area. The solicitor asked the judge to consider a short period of disqualification rather than points.

District Judge Laura Ievers said it was so important the defendant should be properly regulated to be on the road.

She added that she would deal with the offence in an unusual way and imposed a one month ban along with a £200 fine.