Driving licence had expired ten years ago


After he was stopped for a speeding offence it was discovered that a Lurgan man’s driving licence had expired ten years previously.

Conor McVeigh (51), Millbrook, Crescent, Lurgan, was fined £100 last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for not having a licence on November 2 last year. He was also fined £90 and given three points for an excess speed offence.

The court heard he was travelling at 43mph in 30mph zone on the Kernan Road, Portadown. His licence had expired ten years ago.

A solicitor for McVeigh said he had a medical licence which required renewal every year and he simply lost track of it.

He added that the defendant had managed to get his life back on track and was simply putting his head in the sand as far as the licence was concerned.

The solicitor said it was a sense of relief when he was stopped by police because he had to address this issue. He had done this and will be legally on the road.