Drove car without 
insurance during
house move

Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.
Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.
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While helping a woman to move house a 34-year-old man drove her car without having any insurance, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Noel Martin Beeton, Drumbeg, Craigavon, was fined £200, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and given six penalty points for driving without insurance on November 27 last year.

Kathleen Lambert (41), Drumbeg, Craigavon, was fined £200, with a £15 offender’s levy, and also given six penalty points for permitting him to drive without insurance.

She already had six points on her licence and on the tot up system she was banned from driving for six months.

The court heard that a police mobile patrol saw Beeton in a car at Aldervale. He admitted he did not have insurance and was helping Lambert to move.

The car belonged to her mother and she was a named driver on the insurance. She admitted letting Beeton drive the car.

Mr Conor Downey, representing both defendants, said Lambert was moving house and Beeton was assisting her.

He added that she foolishly allowed him to drive the vehicle.