Drug abuse awareness

NEIGHBOURHOOD Police in Craigavon are raising awareness of drug abuse and mental health issues after they secured funding from the Assets Recovery Incentivisation Scheme.

Neighbourhood Teams, in partnership with Chill, welcomed Spanner in the Works Theatre Company to a number of secondary schools in Lurgan, Brownlow and Portadown with their hard hitting drama, ‘Popping Candy’.

The workshops follow a successful pilot scheme where the drama was shown in Craigavon Civic Centre and more than 300 young people from the local area attended.

Popping Candy explores the complex and controversial issues surrounding Mephedrone use and shines a spotlight on the mental health problems facing young people.

Neighbourhood Constable McElhinney said: “Mephedrone was classified as a controlled drug in April 2010 and we believe this play provides the ideal opportunity to engage with young people in our community about the dangers and consequences of using substances of this nature.

“Following the play we have an open discussion with the young people who can talk frankly about their concerns and issues in relation to illegal drugs. Opportunities like this ensure that young people know we are there to support and help them.”