Drug taking session averted

The drug paraphernalia left behind.
The drug paraphernalia left behind.

A group of young people about to “indulge in an afternoon of drug taking” were disturbed by police in the Ballyoran area on Sunday.

According to a post on the PSNI Facebook page, the Portadown Neighbourhood Team came upon the young people who then made off.

The page said, “They left behind their drugs, bong and possibly their mother or father’s kitchen scissors. We would be very keen to speak to the owner of this property.

“If your son was wearing a red hoody and came home out of breath shortly after 5pm, you may want to make a few enquiries about what he was doing.”

They said they will continue to be out and about patrolling in the area.

The post added, “If you personally own this property or would like to speak to us about this please ring police on 101.”