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NOTORIOUS local hood Hugh McGeough may have known his killer, police have said.

Mr McGeough and his wife Jacqueline were gunned down in their Legahory home on Monday, sending shockwaves across the community.

The couple were discovered by their son after his mother failed to answer his phone calls.

The pair died from bullet wounds to the head.

It would also appear Mr McGeough suspected he may have been under threat with bulletproof glass fitted at his home.

Police are investigating a possible drugs connection - with Mr McGeough a known figure in the local drugs trade, although this is refuted by his family.

It’s believed the couple were murdered at around 11am, although this is not yet known for certain.

Mr McGeough previously served a prison sentence for the killing of teenager Peter McNally in October 2001.

The 19-year-old was shot dead as he lay sleeping in a house in Westacres.

Mr McGeough was sentenced to nine years in prison after admitting wounding the victim with intent.

Neighbours expressed their shock at the killing and one said: “I found him civil enough. I did know he had history.”

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon the family said: “There have been suggestions that this was a drug related crime, but we refute these allegations, as neither Hugh nor Jacqueline were prosecuted for any drugs offences.”