Drumnamoe Nursery host ‘Getting to Know You’ event

Drumnamoe Nursery School
Drumnamoe Nursery School

Two popular nursery schools linked up for a special Shared Education event in Lurgan.

Drumnamoe Nursery School played host to 80 children who travelled from Dromore Nursery School for the special partnership event.

The children were taking part in a “Getting To Know You Day” as the launch of their Signature Project under Shared Education funding initiative.

Working together the two staff teams, under the leadership of the two school principals - Fiona McDonald and Sharon Beattie - they will be developing an innovative programme to promote Mental Health and Well Being in the Early Years.

This work will include all members of the school community including parents, governors, the local community, health professionals and staff.

Of course, the most important people to benefit from it will be the children.

Mrs Mc Donald said: “We have been lucky enough to have been awarded a substantial grant over a three-year period to carry out a programme of training and events for both schools.

“Our vision is an ambitious one, which we will use to maximum effect for our staff, children and their families,” said Mrs McDonald.

The project launched with a morning in Drumnamoe, which included African drumming, soccer skills provided by Pat Mc Gibbon, physical games skills provided by Paul Mc Kenna (Sports Development – Craigavon Borough Council), friendship art, and musical movement.

The children also shared a healthy snack along with parents and staff.

“There are extensive plans in place for this work, which we hope to be able to disseminate across the Pre School sector,” Mrs McDonald revealed.

“Everyone had a fabulous day on Tuesday, making new friends and learning new skills – making it a brilliant start to the project. Watch out for more information to come,” said Mrs McDonald.

It is the start of many new friendships and new projects by these young people from Drumnamoe Nursery and Dromore Nursery