Drunk-in-charge man receives ban


Under the tot up points system a 36-year-old man, convicted of a drunk-in-charge offence, was banned from driving for eight months last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Leandro Vieira, Clendenning Way, Portadown, admitted being in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol on September 26.

The court heard that at 2.05am police saw the defendant, who was unsteady on his feet, getting into a car in Thomas Street.

Vieira produced a set of keys which fitted the ignition. An evidential test gave a reading of 85.

The defendant already had six points on his licence.

Mr Conor Downey, representing the defendant, said that fortunately Vieira was stopped by police on entering the vehicle.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said the defendant had accumulated the six points for two speeding offences.

He imposed a £175 fine, with a £15 offender’s levy, and 10 points.

On the tot up points system he banned the defendant from driving for eight months.