Drunk teenagers taken home by police in Meadow Lane trouble

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The teenager who spent a night in police cells after trouble in Meadow Lane on Saturday night has been referred to the criminal justice system, police have said.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested for disorderly behaviour and three assaults on police.

Writing on their Facebook page, police said that, depending on his attitude, he could end up in court or “having to give back to his community another way”.

They also revealed that two other 15-year-olds were brought home, both of whom were deemed to be vulnerable due to having taken so much drink.

Said police, “Their parents were spoken with and the kids will now be passed on to our alcohol referral scheme, a new scheme aimed at addressing drink related issues with kids.”

A large amount of drink was also seized.

They said that thanks to information from the public they “were in the right place at the right time to stop an organised fight happening”, adding that with reports in recent weeks of young people carrying weapons, serious injury may have been averted or even lives saved.

“We were also delighted to see a massively helpful and very strong presence of community youth workers on the ground. This is exactly the sort of positive community input which can and will put and end to such things,” said police.

“Our action on this will continue for as long as is needed. We can’t do it alone though. Parents, the consequences remain the same. If we have reason to take your child off the streets because they’re breaking the law or can’t look after themselves, questions will be asked of you. We will involve social services where needed.

“For those who want and need help, that will be a welcome thing. For those who refuse to take responsibility and have the parental blinkers on, they should rightly be concerned. The vast majority are able to go out and enjoy a bit of craic with their mates, have a friendly chat with us, and cause no one concern. It’s the minority who wreck it who we are focused on.

“Continue to report such issues to us via 101, or 999 in case of emergency.”