Duffy’s back in town

Tom Duffy’s Circus makes a long-awaited return visit to Lurgan from Monday to Wednesday, June 23 to 25.

Northern Ireland’s best-loved circus rolls onto the Circus site on Lough Rd, just off the M1 at Junction 10 (the closest venue this year to Craigavon and Portadown) and this year’s show looks set to thrill.

Duffy’s is one of the world’s longest-established circuses, amazing family audiences across Ireland over three centuries. The new show blends the traditional and the twenty-first century. Acts enjoyed by generations of circus-goers are brought right up-to-the-minute with a spectacular light show, state of the art sound and expert choreography. With the glamour of elaborate hand-made costumes, glittering lights and stunning special effects, you’re sure to be astounded by Tom Duffy’s.

Lovers of traditional circus acts will roar with laughter at the antics of the hilarious clowns, David and Raffy, and multi-talented Steven Munoz will perform one of the most complicated juggling sets ever seen in this country. Tom Jnr and Jamie Duffy take to the air with a heart-stopping wheel of death – one of the most dangerous acts in modern circus.

The Kenya Boys are making a welcome return to Northern Ireland, with their astonishing acrobatics, twisting and tumbling, and startling human pyramids. This year’s Grand Finale sees the first ever Irish visit of Team Loucia – amazing motorcycle skill inside the Globe of Death.

As always, the animal acts are the main draw for regular visitors. In the all-new Canine Review, the loveable giants, the St Bernard dogs, tend to dominate the ring, but it’s the cheeky miniature poodles that raise a smile with their mischief. An old favourite with every generation, Tom Duffy’s troupe of Minature Shetland Ponies make a welcome return to the ring.