DUP call for action on Millennium Way

Millennium Way in Lurgan
Millennium Way in Lurgan

THE DUP has called for action to start work on phase two of Millennium Way in Lurgan.

Mayor Carla Lockhart and Alderman Stephen Moutray invited the chair of the Regional Development Committee at Stormont to Millennium Way to discuss placing it on the committee’s agenda.

“Millennium Way Phase two has been promised to the people of Lurgan for over 40 years,” said Alderman Moutray who emphasised the need to have it placed clearly on the committee’s agenda as a project that is much needed to ensure the regeneration of Lurgan Town Centre.

“Minister Kennedy and Mrs Dobson MLA who, might I add represents this area, needs to act quickly to have this stretch of road completed.

“Our party has consistently lobbied for this completion for many years however, it would appear that it is falling on deaf ears with Minister Kennedy and Mrs Dobson only giving lip service to a completion plan.

“The completion of this Phase two would see the opening up of development land and it would reduce the build-up of traffic within our town centre by providing a route to bypass the town allowing people who want to access the town to shop ample space and facilities to do so.

“This has been promised since before 1976 and whilst I appreciate this predates the current Kennedy and Dobson era that is no excuse not to act. With approximately a £120 million underspend in Minister Kennedy’s department owing to the A5 fiasco a mere £7 million to complete Millennium Way Phase 2 should be made immediately.”

“Minister Kennedy and Mrs Dobson must take responsibility the ball is at their toes and they have the wherewithal to deliver for the people of Lurgan. Let’s see Minister Kennedy and Mrs Dobson step up to the mark. DSD made £9 million available to improve our foot-ways and walkways lets now see action on our roads infrastructure.”

Cllr Carla Lockhart, Mayor of Craigavon said, “We have over the past number of months obtained significant funding from DSD to help improve the aesthetics of our town centre and to regenerate and revitalise a town that once was a hub of market activity. If we want to try and return to the better more prosperous days of trading in Lurgan the Minister must act and complete out on this stretch of road to improve the flow of traffic and open up further development land.”