DUP Councillor addresses criticism

Lurgan councillor Carla Lockhart has hit back at critics over her stance on the Gaza protest.

In reponse to queries from the ‘MAIL’ she said: “Unfortunately I was away for a few days and unable to be in Lurgan on the day the protest happened.

“However, I was contacted by residents concerned about the planned protest and to that end I sought assurances prior to its commencement that it had been notified to the PSNI.

“I felt that to bring a large crowd on to the street to demonstrate about a very volatile issue would be unwise if due notification had not been given to the PSNI.

“It is essential that all protests within our town centre are legal and peaceful. They should be monitored and policed in the same way. To that end I sought assurances from the PSNI that there would be a presence on the ground. I am disappointed that policing was scant given the sensitivities.

“Unfortunately there were very vicious and nasty personal insults hurled at me when I published my views on the matter.

“When people have to attack your looks, size and personality it demonstrates the weakness in their argument.”

“It’s most unfortunate that people could not express their views in a courteous manner but I will leave them to search their own conscience as to the remarks they make about others.”