DUP meet police over burglary ‘upsurge’

Carla Lockhart, Steohen Moutray and Phil Moutray.
Carla Lockhart, Steohen Moutray and Phil Moutray.
  • Cocerns over burglaries, dissident activities and drugs
  • Call for frontline services to be protected
  • Police successes welcomed

Local DUP representatives have met with the local PSNI to highlight concerns about the increase in burglaries, dissident activity on the ground and the increase in drugs usage across the Lurgan area.

Stephen Moutray MLA said, “In recent days we have noted an increase in burglaries, dissident activity and drugs usage within the town centre and this has sparked concern amongst us and the knock on effect of these types of criminal activity.

“In our meeting with the PSNI we robustly questioned and challenged the level of financial resources, the amount of police patrol time that is spent out on the ground and the number of convictions.

“It is vital at this time of cuts that front line policing is protected and that residents feel safe and secure in their homes and when out on the streets.”

Cllr Phil Moutray and Alderman Carla Lockhart said, “These three areas of criminal activity we believe are holding our communities at ransom. Burglaries are statistically up in commercial properties and certainly in recent weeks domestic have also increased and therefore it is essential to keep premises locked and continue to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the PSNI at the time of sighting. Additionally we have sought assurances that the PSNI are continuing to find out information pertaining to dissident activity and have been able to thwart their plans.”

“we are currently working with them concerning the increased drugs usage. It is vital that we tackle these problems with the PSNI and the Courts and we will not be found wanting in our efforts to work with the PSNI and communities to try and eradicate such activity.”