DUP to keep travel scheme

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart has rounded on comments made by Jo-Anne Dobson MLA regarding free travel for senior citizens.

Speaking after Mrs Dobson had spoken to the ‘MAIL’ about the possibility of this being ended Cllr Lockhart said, “I was extremely disappointed and somewhat surprised at the recent press release from Jo-Anne Dobson MLA regarding the free travel for senior citizens and the fact that it sewed seeds of doubt amongst our elderly population concerning the provision of free travel, particularly after our party publicly confirmed its commitment to the scheme.

“My party have been very clear that it was a DUP Minister who introduced the free travel scheme into Northern Ireland and our party remains committed to the continuation of it and have no plans to change it in any way.

“I believe Northern Ireland’s elderly community have given a lifetime of service and leadership to the entire country and therefore this scheme in many instances is a lifeline to them and an opportunity to travel at ease and no expense to all arts and parts of the country.

“It is extremely unfortunate that Jo-Anne Dobson MLA has caused unnecessary concern amongst our elderly even though she was fully aware of the DUPs position on this very important issue.”