‘Healthy Me’ programme launched at Carrick Primary School

The launch of the AMH Menssana ‘Healthy Me’ programme for children was launched at Carrick Primary School, Sloane Avenue in Lurgan, recently.

Helen Hamilton, Pastoral Co-ordinator and P7 Teacher at the school, was delighted that the school was involved in the pilot of the Healthy Me Programme.

“Our children loved the programme and eagerly awaited the lessons which were fun and yet informative,” she said. “They taught the children relaxation techniques and how to care for their own mental health in a very child-friendly way.

“It is so important that the children recognise that there are many avenues they can take to get help and support and the Healthy Me Programme provides an opportunity to highlight these.”

Alison Lindsay, Principal at Carrick PS, said she will look forward to the finalised Programme being rolled out. She said the emotional and social well- being of children in the school is of paramount importance to them.

“We know that the ‘Healthy Me’ resource will help our staff to identify at an early stage those children who are experiencing mental distress and provide sources of support by working with other agencies,” she said.

“We firmly believe this programme will improve children’s emotional literacy, promote equality of mental health with physical health andsupport children as they move from primary to secondary school.

“This programmes links well with our school ethos and all the other organisations the school currently works with.”

Carrick PS hope that by using this programme with their children they will, in partnership with Action Mental Health, challenge stigma and discrimination in relation to mental health.