Lockhart backs Lurgan Junior High

The ‘MAIL’ revealed last week how Lurgan Junior High School is being forced to cut four teaching posts.

Following the front page story, Carla Lockhart, speaking as a local councillor for the area, said: “As a member of the board of governors and an elected representative for the area this is not news that I like to hear. Unfortunately we live in a time of economic difficulty and for anyone facing job cuts it is extremely distressing and unfortunately within the teaching profession obtaining jobs is particularly difficult at present.”

She added: “Unfortunately the situation that Lurgan Junior High School finds itself in, is not confined to LJHS, indeed many schools throughout the borough are experiencing difficulties with funding shortfalls and in the precarious position of having to make cut backs either this year or in the future.

“This situation is not one that the school takes lightly and certainly I believe Mr Johnston and his staffing team have and will continue to deliver a top class academic and educational experience for the children who attend Lurgan Junior High. I do not believe for one minute these cuts will in any way impinge on or affect the high level and standard of education that is delivered on a daily basis for children throughout the Lurgan area and further afield.”

This week it was revealed more changes are afoot for post-primary education in Lurgan. For more on this story see page 9.