Record-breakers at College

Lurgan College pupils were full of excitement when they picked up their GCSE results last week - after another record-breaking year.

Headmaster Trevor Robinson could barely conceal his delight as every pupil achieved top grades of A*-C in at least seven subjects.

The results far exceeded the Northern Ireland grammar school average, with not a single fail grade being recorded in any of the subjects.

Mr Robinson commented, “I commend and congratulate our very diligent pupils, their highly dedicated teachers and their extremely supportive parents on these quite remarkable examination performances.

“Once again I am keen to share our pupils’ success with our committed colleagues in Lurgan Junior High School and in our local feeder primary schools, who continue to provide year on year our popular 14-19 selective Grammar School with able, mature and conscientious pupils of the very highest academic calibre.”

Grades A* and A accounted for around half of the total GCSE grades achieved - compared to the NI average of 29% - while the A*-C pass rate of over 98% was much higher than the NI average of 79%. A* grades made for 13% of the students’ results, placing the school well above the average of six per cent.

“Mirroring the outstanding results at A Level by their Year 14 counterparts, the 2015 cohort of Year 12 pupils has produced some of the very best GCSE performances, both collectively and individually, in the College’s long and illustrious 142 year academic history,” Mr Robinson said.
“For the first time in the College’s illustrious history, nine pupils managed to secure an amazing 11 straight A*/A grades each. This is a truly remarkable achievement.”

Those pupils were: Serena Hamilton (King’s Park PS); Jonathan Hunter (Waringstown PS); Alexandra King (Ballinderry PS); Kirsten Lawther (Dickson PS); Benjamin McAlister (Waringstown PS); Amy McConaghy (King’s Park PS); Jenny Morrow (King’s Park PS); Amber Orr (Donaghcloney PS); and Scott Wilson (Waringstown PS).

The following pupils secured 10 straight A*/A grades: Alexandra Craig (King’s Park PS); Lauren Irwin (Carrick PS); Sarah McKitterick (Bleary PS); and Ross Walker (King’s Park PS).

Beth Cunningham (Bleary PS); Chloe Harrison (Waringstown PS); Benjamin Hilary (King’s Park PS); Amy Hutchison (Armstrong PS); Aaron Jackson (Donaghcloney PS); Courtney McCracken (King’s Park PS); Jayne McGrath (King’s Park PS); and Steven Richardson, all achieved nine A*/A grades.

The following pupils achieved eight A*/A grades: Tiffany Glenn (King’s Park PS); Matthew Jordan (Waringstown PS); Adam Murnaghan (Dickson PS); Chloe Taylor (King’s Park PS); and James Thompson (Waringstown PS).

Achieving seven A*/A grades were Caleb Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS); Zach Best (Waringstown PS); Lauren Constable (King’s Park PS); Emily-Jane Dixon (Donaghcloney PS); Sophie Giraudeau (Ballcarrickmaddy PS); Rebecca Hall (King’s Park PS); Adam Harrison (Waringstown PS); Richard Hull (Waringstown PS); Ben Leonard (Model PS); Jenna McCahon (King’s Park PS); Hannah Nugent (Waringstown PS); Daisy Stalker (King’s Park PS); and Ryan Willis (King’s Park PS).

Mr Robinson added: “I trust that these impressive GCSE results, coupled with the outstanding A-Level and AS Level performances, will be celebrated by the whole community and encourage us all within the system to work even more closely together to ensure that the well tried and tested Craigavon Two Tier System, with its envied system of delayed academic transfer at age 14, is promoted and enhance in the coming years.”