Elderly fear after lights vandalised in Tagnevan

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ELDERLY people In Tagnevan are in fear of going out at night after a plague of street light vandalism has plunged the area into darkness.

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark O’Dowd called on those responsible for vandalising the lights ‘to bring a halt to this idiotic behaviour’.

Cllr O’Dowd was contacted by local residents about the ongoing problem of street lights within the area which are being deliberately damaged.

He said: “Local people are concerned about the effect that this senseless vandalism is having on the community. These individuals are maliciously destroying lamp standards in order to put out all the street lights in the area.

“As well as the obvious difficulties caused by the area being in darkness, elderly residents have been left feeling vulnerable as a result of this activity. They are afraid to open their doors or venture out as they cannot see who is about and this is causing concern for their families.”

Cllr O’Dowd pointed out that the cost of constantly repairing these vandalised lights was coming out of a budget set aside for essential works

And he asserted: “Everyone is aware of the shortfall in government monies and those involved in this activity are literally stealing money from essential services.

“Are they and their parents incapable of understanding the financial and social impact of their actions on their own community or do they simply not care.

“This is criminal activity and has to be treated as such. Anyone with knowledge of who is responsible should report it either to Road Services or the police.”