End of month deadline for micro chipping

THE free service for micro chipping dogs runs out on December 31.

Craigavon Borough Council, in partnership with Dogs Trust and with the assistance of local vets and Jolleys Pet Store, is offering free micro chipping to dog owners up to that date.

From January 1 next year micro chipping will incur a charge, which may vary depending on where a dog owner chooses to get their pet micro chipped. It is now compulsory to have a dog micro chipped before obtaining a new dog licence or block licence.

The microchip is a small electronic chip, around the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted painlessly under the dog’s skin and contains a unique number which can be read by a scanner. It is an essential part of dog control and assists the Council Dog Warden to swiftly and safely reunite stray or stolen dogs with their owners, reducing stress for both parties.

“Whilst micro chipping your pet may not be high on your list of things to do in the run up to Christmas, don’t miss out on this free service. If you have not been able to attend some of the events Council has held in partnership with Dogs Trust offering free micro chipping it is still not too late to avail of the service through your local vet or Jolleys Pet Store,” said Chair of Environmental Services Committee, Councillor Gemma McKenna.

Council Officers have been carrying out door to door checks with dog owners to ensure they are aware of dog licensing requirements and current legislation whilst urging them to avail of the free service and have their pet micro chipped. Owners who fail to have their dog micro chipped and licensed may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75.

For further information on micro chipping, please contact Craigavon Borough Council’s Licensing Department on 028 3831 2521.