End to roundabout puzzle?

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The air might become a little less ‘blue’ around Flush Place as Transport NI get set to mark out the lanes to give drivers a clue on negotiating the new roundabout.

Since the extension to Millennium Way opened earlier this year the issue of the correct way to navigate the roundabout has been hotly debated - on and off the road (with some choice words used as drivers vent their fury at each other).

One of the biggest issues is for traffic coming from Flush Place and making for the Gilford Road, with considerable confusion whether drivers taking that route should take the inside or outside lane. For others the route from the Banbridge Road to the new Millennium Way leaves them in a bit of spin.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart welcomed the proposed road markings.

She said: “Since the completion of the road construction there have been complaints about motorists using the roundabout not having clear signals of which lanes lead in which direction.

“The Highway Design Team have now confirmed that lane designation and directional arrows will be added.

Ms Lockhart said: “This is a welcome step forward given the number of complaints I have received.

“There have been some road traffic incidents which have been indirectly affected by the lack of signage.

“This is a positive step and one I know all road users will be keen to see implemented.

“Road markings for the shops and surrounding area will all tie in with this around the end of November.”