Bid to tidy up Craigavon

Rubbish dumped in Craigavon. INLM1412-302con
Rubbish dumped in Craigavon. INLM1412-302con
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A GROUP set up to tackle illegal dumping in Craigavon is up in arms over the latest spate of flytipping.

Tidy Craigavon was set up in 2009 with the aim of drawing attention to dumping hot spots in Craigavon by posting pictures on Flickr.

The group had been relatively quiet until recently when they came back into the public domain to highlight the dumping and burning of domestic rubbish.

Among the recent pictures posted by Tidy Craigavon are photos of children playing with rubbish, domestic waste and fence wood that has been burnt and a used sanitary towel that has been dumped on the pavement.

A spokesperson from Tidy Craigavon said: “It seems to be an issue each spring when one person’s clear out becomes a community nightmare.

“I believe it is the same few individuals spoiling the areas for everyone year in, year out. I make particular reference to the Clanrolla Park and Moyraverty Court area.

“On recent inspection there is a tremendous amount of material dumped including human waste. I have contacted the council for them to take action and have provided them with the images and co-ordinates.”

A Council spokesperson confirmed they had been contacted.