Calls for action on busy Lurgan road after three accidents in a week

Ciaran Toman on the Castors Bay Road
Ciaran Toman on the Castors Bay Road

After three accidents in a week on a busy Lurgan feeder road, the SDLP has called for action.

Party representative Ciaran Toman said the 30pmh zone on the busy Castor Bay Road should be extended.

Wall damaged on the Castors Bay Road

Wall damaged on the Castors Bay Road

He called on Roads Service to extend the current 30mph zone up to the junction of Tannaghmore North Road.

“Currently, the 30mph zone ends after the dangerous corner at Deerings Wood and then the national speed limit of 60mph applies.

“It is from here where in the past week, three traffic incidents have taken place; one car crashed into the wall outside a home and broke a telegraph pole and another incident involving a two car collision.

“I have spoken with the residents who have informed me of their dangerous encounters throughout the years.

“Residents have had cars turn towards them while overtaking an oncoming car, refusing to give enough room on the road resulting in residents to jump into the hedges and also have been hit by wing mirrors. They are placing their lives in the hands of the driver!”

“For a small country road, it is an exceptionally busy feeder road for the whole of North Lurgan to get onto the motorway and for those advoiding the town centre.”

He added, “I have contacted the PSNI who have offered to carry out speed checks and I hope prosecutions will follow for those speeding inside the 30mph zone however, I will be contacting Roads Service to investigate the extension of the 30mph zone.”

“It is imperative the speed limit is reduced to ensure the safety of all road users.”