Changes to bulky waste arrangements

FROM April Craigavon Borough Council is making changes to its bulky waste collection service.

Bulky waste is defined as furniture and household items such as washing machines, sofas, old chairs and such like. At present the service is free to ratepayers for the first collection with a maximum of six items to be collected. If the householder requests an additional collection in the year it costs them £11.75 per collection. From April people can now ask for the service as many times as they like, costing only £5 per collection with a maximum of three items.

There is on average a wait of one week for the service with Council lifting about 2,500 collections costing Council £62,000 every year to collect.

“We carried out research in other Council areas who offer this service and have come in with one of the lowest charges overall,” commented Chair of Environmental Services Committee, Councillor Johnny McGibbon.

“A higher fee could lead to increased dumping , but £5 is still a reasonable charge for this very worthwhile service”.

The changes will be introduced from April. Contact details for the bulky waste collection is 028 3833 9031.